Are We Musk Deer?

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Life lessons

There is a type of deer that emits the beautiful fragrance of musk from its navel; one of the loveliest scents in the world. One day, a young musk deer noticed the scent and was driven wild by its sweetness. Where did the fragrance come from? The little deer searched manically among the rocks and flowers of the forest. He searched along the riverbanks and under the leaves, but he couldn’t find the scent’s origin anywhere.

Siberian musk deer

Frustrated, he tried searching for the beautiful scent again the next day, telling himself that he wouldn’t stop looking until he found the source of the fragrance. The deer ended up spending his whole life fruitlessly searching among the valleys and mountains, the deserts and meadows. Eventually, he grew to be an old weary deer. Lame and tired, he died without knowing the source of his happiness was inside him all along.

This is something that musk deers actually do. Humans too:

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The Author

Scottish writer Ailsa Ross is sure she would be a wilderness explorer if she wasn't so scared of the dark. Most of her adventures take place inside her head, and occasionally abroad, which you can read about here on Dreaming of Argentina.

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